Getting started with Jasmine tests and Django

This tutorial is a very quick and easy step-by-step article on using Jasmine to test your JavaScript files inside a Django app.

Covered in this tutorial:

  • Basic setup of Jasmine to use the python_egg to run tests within a Django app
  • How to include the ajax_helper and use it to mock AJAX requests.

You can get the code for this tutorial from github:

1. Let's set everything up

First. Let's start a blank django app: startapp jasminetut

Create a quick virtualenv and activate it:

 virtualenv env
 source env/bin/activate

Install Jasmine python egg:

pip install jasmine 

Setup your specs. From the directory that contains run:


This will create:


Assuming we are keeping our static files in a top level static/js folder, let's do the following:

mkdir -p static/js
touch static/js/hello.js

2. Let's setup jasmine to test our static files

Open ./spec/javascripts/support/jasmine.yml

Edit src_files so it includes our js files:

 - js/*.js

(these paths are relative to our /static root

.. so now we need to set that up:

Edit: src_dir so that it looks like this:

src_dir: 'static' 

Ok. So what we are doing here is: We are telling jasmine that it can find our javascripts in the top level (relative to the location of the spec folder directory called static. We are telling it to look for source files matching the pattern we define in src_files.

4. Take it for a spin

To run Jasmine, simple run:


then open up

You should see a page that says: 0 specs, 0 failures

Great. We're all setup. Now, let's write a quick spec:

touch spec/javascripts/hello_spec.js

Cause we're doing TDD here, let's write a quick test that will fail before implementing our code. Add the following to hello_spec.js

describe("Test hello.js", function() {
  it("returns 'hello'");

If we now go back to:

You should see something like:

1 spec, 0 failures, 1 pending spec

  • Test hello.js
    • logs 'hello' to the console

Our test is now pending. Let's quickly flesh it out:

 describe("Test hello.js", function() {
  it("return 'hello'", function () {
    var result =;

If we reload now, we'll see our spec is failing. Quickly, let's go make it pass. Edit: static/js/hello.js to look like:

var Hello = {
  world : function () {
	return "Hello";

Reload the page, and now you'll see it's passing. Great success :).

In Part two of this tutorial we will explore mocking AJAX requests with jasmine-ajax